Knight Frank Sells Property At 22% Above Opening Price In First Property Auction Since Circuit Breaker

KF SG has offered a semi-detached house at 14 Lor Kismis for $1.32 million, or 22% exceeding the house’s initial quote of $1.1 mil at KF’s premier home sell-off due to the lockdown, base on notice on 23 October.

At a territory area of approx 3,290 square foot, the 2 floors semi-d residential property holds 51 years left in its leasehold possession of 99 yrs.

“Placed among a particularly desirable residential area, 14 Lorong Kismis is situated in a terrific community where everything is accessible, in the surrounding area. Knight Frank was also enjoyably surprised by its demand, as the property was fiercely opposed and even sealed in only within 10 mins,” shares Sharon Lee, Chief of Auction and Sales at KF SG.

The outstanding function was carried out on 16 Oct 20, with a good attendance of more than 30 clients. Because of the pandemic circumstance, the function was run by having compelling protected operations steps engaged thru community distancing together with applied mask wearing by every attendees.

Forett at Bukit Timah – Qingjian Realty

Knight Frank is the oldest real estate public auction company in Singapore, as well as the number one to organize a premises auction sale in the country. Out of its ordinary origins in a fight arena at Happy World theme park, the service provider today boasts an unwavering placement as a pioneer in land auctions eighty years on.

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