Two Pine Grove sites released for sale

Two non commercial locations at Pine Grove (Parcels A plus B ) which are able to together produce around 1.085K units have actually gotten released for sale under the retain listing of the second half ’21 Government Land Sales programme, announced the URA on Tuesday 30Nov.

Under the reserve checklist process, a location will solely be published available for sale when it gains an offer of a minimal value which is satisfactory to the state. Authenticated list plots, meanwhile, are launched in line with plan irrespective requirement.

Carrying an area of 22,534.7 sq m, Parcel A has a maximum gross floor area of 47thousand 3hundred 23 sq meter plus can return 520 apartments. Parcel B, on the other hand, extends 25thousand 39.2 square metre furthermore features a highest GFA of 52.582K sq meter. It can generate 5hundred 65 apartments. Both plots feature a 99 yr rent period.

Tricia , Head of Research Study for Southeast Asia at CBRE assumes the locations to attract demand from real estate investors, given their setting amongst a fairly preferred residential enclave also palatable dimension for each parcel.

Forett at Bukit Timah Floor Plan

Main appeals involve proximity to HV, including the one-north precinct. The spots are as well close-by a range of schools involving Henry Park Pri School, National Uni of S’pore, NP along with School of Science and Technology S’pore.

” We observe that there are household unit limits on the two spots to take care of travel requirement in the vicinity. Parcel A could be accumulated to 5hundred 20 house apartments or a typical 9hundred 80 square foot per flat, whereas Parcel B’s cap is 565 apartments or approximately One thousand Two square feet per apartment,” shared Song.

The least possible apartment dimension is relatively greater “than the implied 85 sq meter or 9hundred 15 square feet for each URA requirements for non-Landed Residential Projects away from the Central Area in Jan2019 “, she shared.

” Even so, given the significant joined size of the plot along with the consideration of affordability a result of the minimum standard flat measurement, we anticipate the leading offer being more tempered, measured up to the super recent tenders of 2 plots at Slim Barracks, which have a smaller sized whole quantum of Four hundred apartments and had actually attained high bids of $1thousand 2hundred 10 to $1,246 psf per plot ratio.”

If either of the spots is kicked off for tender, developers might be looking at a market price of 1thousand 9hundred to $2K psf, amidst a land charge of $One thousand to $1.1K per square feet per PR, further mentioned Song.

Meanwhile, Huttons Asia feels that the possibilities of the sites getting set off to buy are low.

This stuff happens because there are actually “better plots on the Confirmed Selection which include Jln Tembusu and also upcoming en bloc spots that will certainly satiate developer’s demand for ground”, it claimed.

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